Signs You Need Septic Service

Many problem lead to septic failure, whether you’ve flushed items down the toilet that do not belong or improper use of the garbage disposal, as well as dozens of other issues. Luckily you can usually avoid major issues with the septic system if you inspect and maintain the unit. However, problems can sometimes occur. It is important to know the signs of danger and schedule septic tank services houston at once. Some of the most common signs that you need service include:

·    Bad Odors:  The nose won’t lie and the odors emanating from a septic system are undeniable. The smells are strong and very foul, always protruding from the drains or tank area. This indicates a sign of a blocked drain and needs attention at once.

·    Slow Drain: When the bathtub or sink won’t drain, it is a frustrating problem. When it happens regularly, it is time to call a plumber to schedule service. A low drain usually indicates a clog.

·    Pooling Water: If water builds around the septic tank area, this is often indication that your tank is leaking. However, there may not be a leak but instead, the system may only be giving off moisture.

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·    Sewage Backup: Also known as backflow, sewage backup is one of the most common cause of septic tank failure. This causes wastewater to flow into the bathtub, sink, or even the basement. Not only is the odor terrible, there are health and sanitation issues also at play.

Dealing with septic tank issues is frustrating for any homeowner but with fast response, they won’t cause too much grief in your life.  Do not ignore the signs that trouble is there. Pay attention to the signs of trouble, including those above, and make that call when and if the time becomes necessary.